February 05, 2011

Bird Song Alarm Clock Forget Standart Alarm Clock Voice


Bird Song Alarm Clock to wake you every morning with beautiful bird song from the alarm clock. Since its so difficult to fing bird song in modern city, so that this Bird Song Alarm Clock comes to you.

If you bored with standard alarm clocks, just forget it and try the beautiful bird song comes from a alarm clock. Your bird clock will serenade you with lively chirps and songs when it’s time to wake up. The bird also moves his beak, bobs his body and turns his head while he sings. The best of cool Japanese alarm clock technology meets the pleasures of country life.

Bird Song Alarm Clock Features details:

treat yourself to a morning free from shrill beeping
great gift for a bird-loving friend
with a battery back-up, you won’t miss your alarm if the power goes out

Bird Song Alarm Clock Specifications details:

Features: Digital display, alarm and snooze function
Power Source: AC100V, 50/60Hz, or 9V Battery (not included)
Dimensions: 160 x 116 x 130mm
Weight (body only): 350g - 0.60 KGS (w/ package)

Japangadgetshop offers this Bird Song Alarm Clock for $105

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