April 15, 2012

Buckyballs 216 Piece 2 Pack Nickel and Orange Edition


Buckyballs 216 Piece 2 pack, orange and nickel edition that comes with 2 exclusive geodesic dome display case. Great toys for our children, but we must be aware. This toy doesn't suitable for children below 14 years old. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death so don't put it in nose or mouth. When the magnets are swallowed or inhaled please seek immediately medical attention. Should be noted that buckyballs should be kept away from electrical or magnetic devices, including but not limited to credit cards, hard drives, or pacemakers. If a Buckyball should become damaged or cracked, discontinue use immediately.

Buckyballs 216 Piece

Buckyballs 216 Piece Features details :

Buckyballs can be shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in unlimited ways
Buckyballs are all about fun and require little more than kneading them in your hands
Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, stick stuff to the fridge, or even invent a new game
Includes a BuckyBasics Quick Start Sheet to help you get started making basic shapes
Featured in Rolling Stone, People, Maxim, Esquire Magazine… people just can’t stop talking about Buckyballs
Each set contains 216 powerful Rare Earth Magnets (432 magnets total)
Each Buckyball has two poles – one side repels, the other attracts
Each Buckyball is approximately 0.5 cm in diameter
Tired of those boring desk toys that only do one thing?
A whole new breed of adult toys with limitless possibilities is here

What you will get if buy this Buckyballs 216 Piece :

2 Exclusive Geodesic Dome Display Cases
2 BuckyBasics Quick Start Sheets
1 Maxfield & Oberton 216-Piece Buckyballs Set – Nickel Edition
1 Maxfield & Oberton 216-Piece Buckyballs Set – Orange Edition

This is a great offer, you can see this package on woot. They sell it for $39.99 including the shipping cost. Would you buy this 216 Piece Buckyballs, please check woot now.

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