November 25, 2010

Weblog Software - Easy Block Any Website


Now its easy to block any website with Weblog Software. Its suitable for parents to block adult website for their children. Weblock is a web content control software that provides a simple user interface for configuring user, group, and IP-based access restrictions for Mac OS X’s built-in web server.

This weblog software lets you to block any website on your local computer. Don't worry for web browser favorite user. This software can work with any web browser and display a fake error page. For parents, you don't need to know the network knowledge in order to configure, you just need to know the web address names of the websites to be blocked.

Below are some Weblock software features:

  • Compatible with any web browser.
  • It blocks websites and additional subdomains.
  • Prevent unauthorized access with password protection.
  • Export and import to share block list among computers.
  • Blocking remains intact even after uninstalling.
  • Auto-backup and roll back to a previous backup.
  • Choose a limit for the number of backups.
  • Add, modify or remove block entries.
  • Choose to block main domain or only its subdomains.

This weblog software also lets yo to export your entire block list to any directory on the network or onto another computer. You can setup weblog software in three steps; first install and configure, second is add the websites to block, and last thing is activate your changes. This software runs on Mac OS X 10.4 PPC/Intel/10.5 PPC/Intel/10.6 Intel OS.

You can Download Weblog Software 1.7.1 for Mac user.

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