December 17, 2010

Perisphere And Trylon Model Kit


Perisphere And Trylon Model Kit. This Perisphere And Trylon Model Kit only recommended for Ages 8 user and Up. Each kit comes with a 40-paged, illustrated and detailed manual on how to build your projects so you don't need to worry about building some objects. The color instruction books illustrate the step by step assembly of each model as well as related principles so that children learn through play.

You can choose one of two selection below from Perisphere And Trylon Model Kit:

Electric Vehicles Model Kit

  • Assemble 11 models and discover how the cranked dynamo works as a source of energy
  • With the transparent box on the cranked dynamo, it’s easy to see how electricity is generated and stored
  • The cranked dynamo allows you to fuel an electric motor to power your vehicles and also light LEDs
  • Cranked dynamos convert physical crank power into electrical energy
  • Alter the crank time and the crank frequency and see how these variables affect the performance of your cars and machines
  • Possible models include “flying” trike, bulldozer, satellite car, propeller plane, locator car, race car, drilling car, gymnast, machine drill, flashlight, and space station
  • Includes 90 pieces that are extremely easy to connect, just snap them together using the special connectors
  • Requires (1) 3.6V lithium rechargeable battery, included

Wind Powered Machines Model Kit

  • This kit teaches the basics of pollution free power generation
  • Assemble one of two giant, 3 foot, wind powered generators to power six vehicles and to discover how the wind can work as a renewable energy source
  • Use the wind to make a light shine and to charge the rechargeable battery. Then use the battery to run the model vehicles you build from this kit
  • Model vehicles include a dragster, tricycle, glider, sail car, tractor, and jet car
  • Instead of cranking, wind creates electricity by spinning a turbine
  • Includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a 3-level gearbox that can be adapted to all wind conditions
  • Adjust the angle and number of wind turbine blades to make the LED light up brighter or charge the battery faster
  • Includes 133 pieces that snap perfectly together for very easy assembly
  • Requires (1) LR06-AA rechargeable battery, not included

Perisphere And Trylon Model Kit available for $29.99 plus $5 shipping in price at woot deals for one selection of model kit only. But if you want to buy the both Perisphere And Trylon Model Kit you must spend more money :)

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