November 21, 2010

Pistol Grip Crossbow - Powerful Pistol Grip Crossbow For $9.99


Pistol Grip Crossbow For Limited Time For $9.99 features unbelievable quality at an unbelievable price! This 50 lb. mini crossbow is constructed of stainless steel with a black hard plastic overlay. Complete with a sight positioned at the end of the barrel for precision in aiming. Perfect for target practice and amateur competitions! The mini-crossbow package includes 5 fiberglass bolts with field tips, bowstring, and target! Shoots 200 Feet Per Second with a pinpoint accuracy up to 40 yards.

We may going to a larger one eventually but this one pistol grip crossbow for 10 dollars isn't bad. It's got some power behind, it doesn't stick every time, and the bolts are cheap. It will surprise you the first time you shoot it at a board and the bolt sticks. It's a good crossbow, you can try to shot squirrels with this pistol grip crossbow.

You'll love this little crossbow! It's lot of fun for target practice and fairly accurate. You maybe find your wife playing with it when you come home from work. You also can buy this powerful pistol grip crossbow as a great gift at budk.

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