January 12, 2011

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories - 4 DVDs Set With 26 Full episodes


Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories - 4 DVDs Set With 26 Full episodes. All of the episodes are carefully selected in Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories include adaptations of 26 children’s favorites.

This Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories is beautifully animated children’s stories on DVDs as narrated by: Bette Midler, James Earl Jones, Michael J. Fox, Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Richard Dreyfuss, Morgan Freeman, Billy Crystal, Angela Lansbury and more.

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories Episodes Disc details:

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories Episodes on Disc One:

Elbert’s Bad Word – 12 min.

Narrated by Ringo Starr
Written by Audrey Wood
Little Elbert lets a bad word slip, but soon learns a silly way to right his wrong.

Weird Parents – 13 min.

Narrated by Bette Midler
Written by Audrey Wood
A young boy’s eccentric parents embarrass him so much he can hardly stand to be seen with them. Finally, he realizes that their love for him and each other makes them special.

Little Toot and the Loch Ness Monster – 12 min.

Narrated by Rick Moranis
Written by Hardie Gramatky
Curious tugboat Little Toot travels to Scotland in search of the dreaded Loch Ness Monster, but learns monsters might not always be the scary creatures they’re made out to be.

Choo Choo – 13 min.

Narrated by Bonnie Raitt
Written by Virginia Lee Burton
A shiny black steam engine wishes she could be free of her freight so that others will admire her speed and beauty, but when she careens out of control, she learns to appreciate what she has.

Elizabeth and Larry – 13 min.

Narrated by Jean Stapleton
Written by Marilyn Sadler
A tale about love and acceptance between best friends who come from very different worlds – one human and one alligator.

Bill and Pete – 13 min.

Narrated by Dudley Moore
Written by Tomie dePaola
Bill the Crocodile and his friend and “toothbrush,” a bird named Pete, go on a hilarious adventure.

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories Episodes on Disc Two:

Blumpoe the Grumpoe Meets Arnold the Cat – 15 min.

Narrated by John Candy
Written by Jean Davies Okimoto
Grumpy Horace P. Blumpoe’s life is changed forever by one very special cat.

Millions of Cats – 10 min.

Narrated by James Earl Jones
Written by Wanda Gag
The story about a man who goes in search of a single kitten, but returns with “hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats.”

There’s a Nightmare in My Closet – 7 min.

Narrated by Michael J. Fox
Written by Mercer Mayer
A small boy stands up to his fears and learns nightmares may not be as scary as he originally thought.

There’s an Alligator Under My Bed – 7 min.

Narrated by Christian Slater
Written by Mercer Mayer
A brave little boy goes to extraordinary lengths to convince his parents that there is a ferocious alligator living underneath his bed.

There’s Something in My Attic – 11 min.

Narrated by Sissy Spacek
Written by Mercer Mayer
A young girl decides to confront the nightmare living in the attic, lasso it and show it to her parents.

Patrick’s Dinosaurs – 11 min.

Narrated by Martin Short
Written by Carol Carrick
Patrick’s imagination goes wild when his older brother tells him about dinosaurs.

“What Happened to Patrick’s Dinosaurs?” – 14 min.

Narrated by Martin Short
Written by Carol Carrick
Patrick wonders where all the dinosaurs went, so his older brother gives him the scientific explanation, but Patrick’s imagination concocts a much more interesting story.

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories Episodes on Disc Three:

Tugford Wanted to Be Bad – 13 min.

Narrated by Steve Martin
Written by Audrey Wood
Just pretending to be an outlaw is no fun anymore. Tugford actually wants to be bad, but what will happen when he goes too far?

Little Penguin’s Tale – 13 min.

Narrated by Candice Bergen
Written by Audrey Wood
All the little penguins listen to their Grand Nanny’s tale from long ago except for one very mischievous member of the group who learns a valuable lesson.

Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise – 13 min.

Narrated by Richard Dreyfuss
Written by Diane Stanley
Moe the Dog and his friend are on vacation in early January, but it’s freezing outside. How will they create their own tropical paradise?

Amos: The Story of an Old Dog and His Couch – 13 in.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Written by Susan Seligson and Howie Schneider
Amos the dog wonders where his owners go when they are out, until finally, he gets to see for himself courtesy of one very special sofa.

My New Neighbors – 12 min.

Narrated by Billy Crystal
Written by Keith Faulkner
A young boy and his family move into a new house and find out that the new neighbors, while different, are frighteningly delightful

Rotten Island – 14 min.

Narrated by Charles Grodin
Story by William Steig
Terrible creatures on a rotten island love being horrible, but after a beautiful flower blooms, it might turn into a lovely piece of land after all.

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories Episodes on Disc Four:

The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings – 13 min.

Narrated by Shelley Duvall
Written by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
A little rabbit is unhappy being cute and hopes for a set of wings, but his wish might not be as great as he thought.

Katy No-Pocket – 14 min.

Narrated by Mary Steenburgen
Written by Emmy Payne
Katy, a mother kangaroo, doesn’t have a pocket to carry her baby in, until finally, she gets a creative solution to her problem.

Bootsie Barker Bites – 12 min.

Narrated by Rhea Perlman
Written by Barbara Bottner
Bootsie Barker, a bully who bares her teeth, is staying for a sleepover, so Lisa must come up with an idea to beat Bootsie at her own game.

Ruby the Copycat – 15 min.

Narrated by Shelley Long
Written by Peggy Rathmann
Ruby’s the new girl at school and wants to fit in so badly that she starts copying a girl in her class and even her teacher! Will she ever find her own talent?

Aunt Ippy’s Museum of Junk – 13 min.

Narrated by Kathy Bates
Written by Rodney Alan Greenblat
Jodi and Jimi’s aunt keeps anything she can't reuse in a museum of sorts. Will they be able to find a rare item in all the weird and wonderful stuff?

Uncle Wizzmo’s New Use Car – 13 min.

Narrated by Ed Begley, Jr.
Written by Rodney Alan Greenblat
Jodi and Jimi go with their uncle to pick out a new used car and the selection is truly unusual, from a car that looks like a rabbit to one that resembles a bowl of fruit!

Bonus – The Christmas Witch – 27 min.

Narrated by Angela Lansbury
Written by Steven Kellogg
Gloria is the worst witch student ever! Then Gloria hears about a holiday called Christmas and decides to work spells that spread peace and fun.

What you get if buy this Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories DVDs Set:

Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories 4 Disc Set

Shelley Duvalls Bedtime Stories - 4 DVDs Set With 26 Full episodes available for $2.99 plus $5 shipping in price at woot deals.

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