December 01, 2010

Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 5 Cycle Marinater


Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 5 Cycle Marinater features quick, effortless and fully automatic with the one touch instant on button art vacuum marinating food in minutes instead of overnight for gourmet results.

Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 5 Cycle Marinater enhances the flavor and texture of all types of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits in minutes. You can prepares gourmet meals for the grill or oven. Five cycle process ensures that your food is properly marinated.

Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 was a powerful, patented vacuum pump and detachable plug adapter, integrated into lid, can be quickly removed for easy cleaning and storage. Bottom base and lid are dishwasher safe and can be placed in the refrigerator.

How To Use This Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 5 Cycle Marinater:

  • Fierst we need to place food and marinade into the base, cover with lid and press the instant on button
  • After first process, the marinater cycle will begin with the vacuum pump drawing most of the air out of the base to create a perfect seal
  • This is followed by the release of the seal to draw air and pressure back into the base
  • Then during the cycling process, the bottom base gently expands, stretching the fibers of the food to enhance tenderizations and full absorption of the marinade
  • The cycle repeats automatically for approximately five minute before shutting down

Doesn't have any recipes? Don't worry about that, Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 comes with recipe booklet, with over 45 recipes, for easy to make gourmet marinades.

Wanna this marinater to your kitchen? Now Epicurean Presorvac MA-430 5 Cycle Marinater available for $24.99 plus $5 shipping in price at woot.

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